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  1. It worked, thank you very much. I really enjoy this app and the time you spend answering all our questions.
  2. Hi Andre, thanx for the help. My trial version expired and I'd like to purchase the website version because there is no Google Store on the M11. How can I purchase it without reinstalling everything ? I have all my settings perfectly set and I wish I could avoid setting everything again. Is this possible ? Thank you.
  3. Thank you Andre. The thing is, at the moment I only have a few high-res files, the vast majority of my library beeing CD quality flacs and mp3. If everything is resampled in 24bits/192kHz, will it drain my battery ? Is this process using a lot of RAM ? Doesn't it alter a bit the sound quality of my CD quality files that are supposed to be played in their native frequency ? Thanks for your advice.
  4. Thank you. Do you know if there are plans for this functionnality in the future ? That would be awesome to be able to look at the full artwork of an album while listenning to it. Like in the good old days. Yes, I'm old ^^
  5. Hello everyone, I just installed Poweramp on my new M11 and it's fantastic. I love the way I can customize everything. Beautiful. I'm currently running the trial version I downloaded from APKPure, so maybe I don't have access to all functionnalities. I have a few questions for those who use it with the M11 : - I have mp3, flacs and High-res files. What parameter do I have to chose to listen to all of that ? Is there a function I have to activate each time I want to listen to High-res? - I see that my 44.1kHz flacs are sampled to 48 kHz when I play them, is this normal ? Thank you. Sorry for my bad English.
  6. Hello, is there a way to watch the multiple artworks I have embeded as tags in one single track ? I have a front cover, wich is the main cover I use for my file, and then I embeded the back cover, and sometimes the CD booklet. I'd love to have a way to switch those images. Thank you.
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