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  1. I've tried to add in folders around the bit where it seems to fail, so I've added all folders between Soul Asylum and Tyler Lance Walker Gill, and then done a Full Scan. Somehow the only artists that appear in the Library are those which start with 'The...'. Everything before and after is missed. Very very weird!
  2. That sounds like a major faff 🙂 Do you know if there is a log file that might point to the error that caused the scan to exit prematurely?
  3. Ok, so just tried uninstalling and reinstalling, then doing a FULL rescan, with exactly the same result. However, I did notice that the scan does indeed seem to finish early before scanning all files as you suggested. Is this a known error?
  4. Yeah, tried this several times now. Even tried deleting cache and data and starting afresh, with exactly the same result. Only thing I've not done so far is an uninstall/reinstall. Will try that now
  5. Build=860 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos on Android 10 I have a fairly large music collection - around 37000 tracks occupying around 300Gb on a 512Gb MicroSD card. I'm a new user of Poweramp having previously been using MediaMonkey. I'm finding that when Poweramp scans the library, it finds all ~37000 tracks, but when I go into the 'Artist' field in the Library, Only Artists beginning with letters A to T are shown - anything after Travis is missing. When I go into the Folders option, all files and folders are there and can be seen. Neither MediaMonkey or HiFiCast apps have any problem adding the entire catalogue to their libraries. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks! Kevin
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