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  1. I know all the recommended songs won't be in the storage, but the user could at least complete their playlist later if they can see the entry there. this will be preferred because last.fm's web interface is riddled with ads and streams music through youtube (only with video).
  2. I found out that it's possible to get recommendations for a user through the last.fm API. Any chance you could make them available as a playlist in the app? it DOES NOT require credential storage (if the user is non-premium at least).
  3. And this too☝🏻 Be careful with the Lyrics Finder, sometimes it creates duplicates while saving if it can't process the unicode characters. Thankfully it doesn't delete any files.
  4. The devs are dismissing it as a niche feature. What they don't realise is that mp3 collection holders are already a niche community, most others prefer streaming. If only Poweramp could grab lyrics(preferably synced) for all my mp3 files from websites(there are lots) , embed them and display them PROPERLY, Poweramp will be like a jewel for me and many other people. Believe me, this feature will not go unnoticed, it'll be so cool to show off. The only reason it has been so niche is because it is (or has been) a lot of manual work.If Poweramp can edit other tags, I wonder why it can't add lyrics to them as well? It's really hard to get lyrics on a road trip with a patchy network. If Poweramp changes that, it'll be a unique feature for Poweramp. I unlocked Poweramp because I believed that these developers could change the community of audiophiles. Poweramp's current Lyrics View is quite lame: gets dismissed easily has to be activated separately for each song font size is small (makes no sense in a Car-aoke if the road's not BUTTER-smooth) the button is too close to the delete button Like @Ayz mentioned, Black Player is better in terms of useful features. I've switched to it and I'm excited to try synced lyrics offline for the first time. If anyone's looking to batch embed lyrics to their mp3 collection, here's a PC app : https://www.mediahuman.com/lyrics-finder/ , sadly it doesn't get synced lyrics. So, let's START THE DISCUSSION about how we would like the lyrics displayed. For those using visualisations, should it be shown BELOW/TOP of the visualization?, FULLSCREEN / HALF-SCREEN?, TOP-HALF / BOTTOM-HALF? for synced lyrics, ONE LINE at a time or SOME MORE lines on the screen? I think one past line and 3 future lines, with the current line (5 lines total) would be good for synced lyrics. On the other hand, one line at a time would be easier to display without obstructing the visualisations/controls. What say?
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