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  1. While playing the file continues playing (usually) while the audio will randomly cut out for a second or two. The progress counter of the file continues to count up while the audio is not playing while a few times the progress has stopped as well. I am running build 860 on a Samsung Galaxy A20 running Android 9. This happens on all files and will sometimes happen all the time and other days not at all. It seems to be getting progressively worse over time. I primarily use the headphone jack to patch into my cars audio system. (However, this happens with the speaker as well. I have yet to notice it over bluetooth) At first lowering the volume seemed to make a difference but not any more. A few times recently Poweramp stopped playing with a toast message saying there was a problem and I had to restart the song. I tried resetting to default setting by clearing data and cache as well as clearing the phones cache and performing multiple restarts. Please help as I love Poweramp and want to continue using it to play my music. This ONLY happens with Poweramp and no other apps that play music or videos. Thanks in advance for any ideas you guys might have.
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