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  1. Hi, as mentioned in the title, I'm having trouble with playing some of the streams in my playlist - everything's fine with MP3 and AAC+ playback, but some M3U8 streams just won't play acceptably fine, as there's too much blank space between the chunks. Hearing half a second of silence in ten isn't perfectly bearable for long-term (or even short) listening. On the other hand, there's some streams only giving headaches once in a while, with stops happening sporadically, as well as streams doing the thing every damn time. Here's a striking example - https://videos.rtva.ad/live/am/playlist.m3u8. V3 Build 860 on Moto G5S Plus, stock Android 9.
  2. Hi, as aforementioned, I'd love to get a recording function for Internet streams (thanks for the unexpected addition of streams!). As you click on the button, the recording starts, click back and it stops. I'd love it to be as simple as that. Keep up the great work!
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