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  1. I want to use two versions of the program at the same time. But I can't install on a smartphone poweram 2, because I already have another version of the program installed. It will be cool if you rebuild Poweramp 2, with another "solution name" to avoid this conflict.
  2. Ukrainian, does not look very much
  3. Everything looks great to me. the only thing I don't like is the lock screen on MIUI. It looks awful. i thought maybe in this OS it was impossible to make a good lock screen. but I looked at other players and saw a great lock screen in the Stelio player. It looks good, and it supports swipes. I hope Poweramp will be able to do something similar. Another question (about build 860), is there an issue with the application crash when trying to rate the track? Sorry for my English 😉
  4. Android 7.1 (MIUI 10 beta) Poweramp Beta version I used the likes and dislikes, the player crashed when trying to rate the song. then I changed it to 5 stars, it didn't help. i quit the player beta test, deleted Poweramp & Poweramp Unlocker. Then I installed Poweramp Stable Version and Unlocker. everything works now I recommend not forgetting to export the settings and playlists
  5. Hello, dear developers i installed the new version(beta, build 859). When trying to like any song, the player crashes. I tried rebooting the phone, it didn't help. Android 7.1 MIUI 10
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