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  1. Yes, it might be worth looking into, especially since this issue did not occur until a week or two ago when there was an update for the app on Google Play. Actually I think there were two updates released in the same week, so I'm not sure which one triggered it. BTW I'm using an HTC Fireball (Droid Incredible 4G), which is not the fastest device on the planet, but it was released this year.
  2. Go to Settings --> Misc --> Tweaks --> Keep Service. I am not sure exactly what this does, or if it is going to cause higher usage/battery drain. I had it like that all day today though and it seemed fine.
  3. I just wanted to report that I am also experiencing this issue, in case you needed more problem examples. It has been a recent development, and it does seem to be related to the screen being locked. I was able to replicate what furious78 said exactly. I keep forgetting that this happens and I pause with my bluetooth headset; then I have to figure out where I was in Supper's Ready
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