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  1. Do you know how I can do this? I went to settings>apps>Poweramp>permissions & only see an option to turn on/off storage content. There's no info about my SD card.
  2. Hello PA. I have an issue editing tags through files stored strictly on my sd card. When I try & edit a song, I get a message saying "No write access to files" and to the bottom right there's an option to "Grant Access." When I click this, a quick 3-second message pops up saying "Access granted", but nothing happens? Now I've dealt with this before during V2 era & I've followed similar instructions without ease. The only difference this time is that it's not allowing me access despite the quick popup. I also unmounted/reattached my sd card & did a full rescan but nothing. I have looked endlessly through the forums & couldn't find anyone with this issue as of recent. Any help is appreciated! Samsung S7 Edge / version 8.0.0 / build 853
  3. @flyingdutchmanfixed the issue. This is an update for anyone intrigued: I renamed my "playlist_manager" file un/reinstalled & gave new permissions as I believe it was off previously. Now I am able to backup ratings successfully!
  4. Hello. I have an issue backing up my Poweramp ratings through New Playlist Manager. Whenever I click the backup option, I get a notification that reads "error creating output file". Never had this issue before. Any help is appreciated! Phone is a Galaxy S7 Edge - Android version 8.0.0 - under the latest Poweamp build
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