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  1. @Bencherished hi, I did the same, but I don't have the best experience searching for music, I think there should be a function in which only the song selected in the search is played or otherwise it plays the search results sequentially, that seems more logical to me. but... when selecting a song from a search result it adds all the songs available on my device to play next and handling that starts to wreak havoc on my device, I make the comment that the fiio m7 runs perfectly The application is much better than the native fiio application, but this detail is the only thing and really the only thing that the device struggles to handle with Poweramp.
  2. hello thanks for answering, I wanted to ask if there is a way to play only the selected song in the search results? That option would really be very useful to me. or what do you recommend? since none of the functions that it includes have worked for me.
  3. Hello, I have been using poweram for 2 years on a fiio m7, it works wonderfully and I am surprised how well it is remembering that the m7 does not have great resources. and thanks to Poweramp this device can be said to be very functional. but I only have one problem when I do a search and select a song and it starts to play, a list is made with all the songs that my device has (33000) and this starts to generate a lot of slowness, is there something I can configure so that this does not happen? For example, when you select a melody from the search, only related melodies are added to the search, not all the songs. thanks and regards.
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