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  1. Thanks Andre. I figured it was something along those lines, but am still scratching my head a bit why it worked previously and then stopped working overnight. None of the hardware involved changed, the bluetooth command from my stereo didn't change, but something changed in either how my phone's bluetooth command service, or Poweramp, processed the command. Seems like someone tried to fix something that wasn't broken (Android or PA devs), and in the process broke it for me.
  2. When playing music via Bluetooth through my JVC car stereo, Poweramp ignores pause commands from the stereo. The stereo button is a single play/pause button that toggles playback. Pressing the button when music is paused causes it to play, but when playing it wont pause. When looking at the process bluetooth commands, the button press is recieved but the command from the psmediabuttonservice is ignored. All other bluetooth commands (back/next/call/play) work fine, and the play/pause toggle worked just fine until October. Samsung Galaxy A8, Android version 9, Poweramp build 853, JVC 820bt stere
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