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    • Poweramp Version and Build Number: v3-build-853-arm64-play
    • Device Model: Mi 9T Pro
    • Android version: 10
    • ROM: Official Stable Rom MIUI

    Under Audio Setting > Direct Volume Control (DVC), when turning off the option "No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume", it will cause Poweramp to go haywire after sometime of listening to music, or when I pause the music using my Bluetooth device button (it won't resume after that) or when there is a sudden change in audio (for example: playing IG Stories with sound while listening to Poweramp). Poweramp will just stop playing the music. If I force close and re-open the app, it still doesn't have any sounds and will only play the music (no sound) until 5 seconds. I've to completely reboot my phone in order to get Poweramp working again.

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