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  1. Unfortunately I can't refund the Pro version any more im Google Play, as the refund period is over. I read about the licence key from the website when I get problems with the registration. So would it be possible to refund my purchase by you afterwards and send me a licence file instead? If not, I just have to bite the bullet and buy the license again on the website. In any case, I prefer to be independent on the Internet all the time, even if I delete my data.

    I will contact the support and see what they can do for me.

  2. I already read this information. The main problem is that the licence screen appear again in unregular periods. I lately clear the data, so this may be the reason. Apart from this, is it not possible to simly get the licence key as a local file to the E-Mail address which I have used for purchasing? So I could use it forever in connection with my Google Account. Many other apps like Titanium Backup use the very same method, so I don't understand why Poweramp don't use it as well.

    I could send you my purchasing E-Mail address as private message, if you want to check it.

  3. Hello!

    I bought Poweramp a few days ago via the Google Play and I am annoyed that the license is queried at regular intervals, even where I cannot or don't want to establish an online connection. I activated the app shortly after purchase and downloaded the additional plug-in. Nevertheless, the constant query for the license is annoying. I do not think this is sustainable and I would like to know how to get the local license file, which is described on the website. I have no desire to establish an online connection every time, since I have already purchased the program and ask for a solution as soon as possible, so that I can use the app also permanently and without further online query.

    Thank you!

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