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  1. Hi... I am an LG V20 Owner with huge spare-part battery (4100 mAH). The battery Drain issue is still appear even though i have already updated onto the latest version. Previously, i tackled the issue by disable mobile data and it works. recently, i can't do this trick anymore. I was used to play song by using default mp3 player for 1.5 hours and it decreased by 2 % only with 36 - 37'C during idle with mobile data disable and bluetooth ON. Now, it drain significantly (around 20% within 1.5 hours) with temperature around 50'C during idle + mobile data disable with bluetooth ON. I've to Force close the app to save the battery and the problem re-exist once i start the app no matter by enable either disable mobile data. Chromecast & auto-scan has been disable and problem still persist. My current LG v20 android version is Oreo, Second screen is disable, Power savings is active, everything are disabled (WIFI, Locations, etc except my bluetooth to be paired with my wireless headset), my spare-part battery is fine. i've tried to swap the battery with the normal capacity and the battery drain is even worse (100% drop to 70% within 1.5 Hours + mobile data disable and bluetooth ON). Please fixed this issue ASAP Edit: Does anyone have ever tried to pairing the bluetooth device while Poweramp is active? i just conduct a long-run test from 0000 - 0700 with song running using Poweramp without bluetooth pairing + disable mobile data. My battery drop 5% only from 100% to 95%. Is it just only happened to me? Or, is there any another bug happened with the bluetooth pairing issue?
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