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  1. You can also take a look at an android application called (ironically) A-B Audio Repeat. It would help provide an idea of how this function is being used (but I'm sure that Poweramp would do a much better job with it as Poweramp is a MUCH BETTER app than that app.
  2. It's useful for "1" track digital albums (where the album is one big file without chapters/bookmarks), Podcasts (especially in the .mp3 format), and singular songs (there are parts of a song that you just want to hear without having to manually rewind or fast forward to get to that part(s)). It would be great if not only A-B repeat could be built-in - BUT ALSO the ability to bookmark the selection and store them (there's already an app that does this - BUT THAT APP is no where near the capability & functionality of Poweramp (though I don't think it's intended to be anyway).
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