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  1. Thanks you for your reply. I do appreciate it when someone takes the time as you did to reply to requests such as mine. With that said, I understand the moving target issue for updating a user manual. And I have viewed the FAQ list. I use a control+F key (on a PC) with documents to help find what I'm looking for when I need help. It's a fast and efficient way to find what your looking for when you have a .pdf or online document to search. Maybe some day we will have one for Poweramp. In the mean time, thank you once again for your reply and Happy Holidays to all.
  2. One more customer asking for a users manual here. I just purchased the product and have version v3-build-853-arm64pllay (853004-eab856f2) Full 64 bit Vesion. So it looks like v3 has ben finalized. Where is the User Manual? I would really like to have one to be able to take full advantage of the product. Soon Please!
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