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  1. If I choose folder view I only get the list on the right here: But I want them sorted like this(here in the folder view):
  2. First of all thanks for reply. To Number 1:edit: found it To number 2: yeah I totally have overseen that To number 3: Like in the pictures with the A-Z list on the right for the other configuration (Albums sorted by Artists)
  3. Maybe this will help: On the S8,especially Samsung there's a secret folder option via Samsung Knox.You can install apps there separately..just try it (Dont know if it's the same as parallel space)
  4. Hello, Here are my three requests: 1. Podcasts or Audiobooks often come as 4-8Minutes long parts.If I want to save the timestamp right now, every other song in my library will be affected. So my wish is to hold tap on a album and check the option to save the timestamp only in this album 2.When listening and clicking on the 3dots to go to artist,only the songs are listed. Could you add a option to show all album(s) from this artist? 3. Sorting my main library after album and artist: all CDs from artist A then all CDs from artist B. Could you in this option please at the A-Z "toolbar" on the right,like it is in artists? It makes searching by round 300-500 CDs easier Anyway nice app and great features so far
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