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  1. I did it, I hope we can work on a solution/fix.
  2. @maxmp thank you, I've sent three tracks as an example. do I also have to send screenshots from how my player renders it?
  3. @ScarletNeko I don't have any built-in option to clear phone cache, so I used SD Maid Pro to do it. No luck.
  4. Yes, I have it enabled. I also made sure to restart my phone, in case some things need resetting.
  5. Hello, the builds have been great, but nothing hyped me up more than the latest beta build showing the option to increase album resolution despite the higher RAM consumption, I always thought I had to buy a phone with a better processor and more RAM to enjoy seeing my music with good artwork. But to my disappointent, I absolutely noticed no difference enabling it or not, I'm working with an Asus Zenfone 4 Max, and I disabled battery optimization for the app, enabled 24-bit RGB, etc. My cover arts are embedded and they're between 1200x1200 to 1400x1400, and they only reach 1-3MB usually. I also checked through the cache and was weirded out when I saw that the 'album_art' folder was empty (is this normal?), I embed my cover arts using foobar2K and moved my music files back to PC to check if my phone did anything to reduce the embedded quality, and it looks crisp on PC. I'm asking if anyone could provide direction where to start troubleshooting and what other stuff to enable, I also understand if the option is still experimental and may not be grasped by all devices yet. Thank you for your hard work!
  6. @andrewilley sorry for the late reply, it varies from 1200x1200, 1400x1400, to 2000x2000 and with every res it scales them down
  7. Since I've started to switch using Poweramp, I've encountered a bothering issue that causes artwork to be heavily scaled down by a half of what the original artwork size was supposed to be, I didn't mind it at first. Until there are a couple of quality artworks that can toned down because of it. I've been trying to reach out other users in different online platforms but their response is almost always turn off your battery saver or it's an app issue that doesn't get fixed. I hope it gets a solution. I'm currently using an Asus Zenfone 4 Max on an Android 8.1 OS.
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