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  1. thanks for that. im glad if i can help to improve this great Player..
  2. Latest Status: I did a "Full Rescan" (Logfile is sent). After that i had to "Rescan" again multiple times. As i was interested, i just did this Process 3 times.. What i found is the following: At the "Full Rescan" PA recognizes 89307 Files at the first Step, but adds 87967 Songs at the 2nd Step (ignore Shorttracks is set to "don't ignore - include all"). After that i start "Rescan" to get all Title tags. 1st "Rescan": 1st Step: 89307 Files, 2nd Step: 87967 Songs added 2nd "Rescan": 1st Step: 89307 Files, 2nd Step: 71965 Songs added (= 16002 Songs less then before) 3rd "Rescan": 1
  3. Logfile sent PM Sent Thanks for all your support and effort...
  4. Hello Andrew, For sure, I will send a log file after the next Full Rescan, which will happen in the next few days. I also just can guess, maybe it something to do with the amount of files? If there are more then x files, it takes several Rescans to get all tag data into the database? I also don't think too many people will have that number of files on their SD card. I have another issue with Playlist, which I will report separately late where I also think it comes from the amount of files.. I just want to say: Poweramp is the ONLY Player (and I have tried many of them, icl. U
  5. Hello, Thanks for your reply.. This might be an explanation, but this option is disabled from the beginning, as i experienced problems earlier having Auto-scan "on". So this is always "off" on my devices.. Must be another problem.. Please let me know if i can support with further infos. I can repeat the problem as often as you want by just do again a "Full Rescan".. After a "Full Rescan" all Titles in Albums are again shown as Filename with .mp3 extension and not as Title Tag. Only multiple "Rescans" is solving the issue as explained in above post. As it looks to me, i b
  6. Latest Status: 1. I reinstalled 364 on cayin just now, and did a "Full Rescan". After that i found almost every Album showing the filename instead of title tag. 2. Next Step: i startet to do the first "Rescan". ( iwll have one question to that lateron for my understanding). After that 1st "Rescan" i found approximately only every 3rd Album showing the filename instead of title tag. rest was showing the title tag as expected. @maxmp I have sent you 3 files. 1 showing the title tag correectly and 1 with filename instead of title tag incl. .mp3 extension and 1 with filename instead
  7. @maxmp Yes for sure.. i will sen you some files. I have switched units, but on both units (Ibasso dx160 and cayin n6ii) it looks like it shows the same situation when using v364. I will send files from dx160, using v364..
  8. Hello, Yes, after going back to v860 everything works fine. I use the same settings as before and PA only shows the Title tags.. I couldn't find any album which shows the filename. @maxmpif I can help to find the problem with 864 please let me know what I can do. Still possible, I did something wrong?
  9. Hello.. No, its 100% not. Filename as title is disabled as you can see at the screenshot in the prior post. As it seems, this is a problem with version 864. I have 860 running on another unit which doesn't show this behaviour. I will revert back to 860 on this unit and see what will happen.. I will post the outcome tomorrow morning.
  10. Hello Andre, I did a full rescan right now.. Yes there is a change: Cas1 looks now the same as Case 2. hmmmm strange.. Still, the Setting "Filename as Title"is switched off.. Actually im anyway doing "Rescan" and "Full Rescan" forth and back the last 5 days, as PA has also other issues like it doesnt recognise all Files at the beginning (They show up right as a number while scanning, but then some are missing ind library.. Only after few Scans, or days, or magnetic changes in the earth rotation ( idont know) they show up in the library. THe biggest Problem with sho
  11. Hello.. Yes, as long ias i can judge this yes.. Funny it is, i have 3 different cases.. and in all cases, i believe tags have been picked up properly.. Let me show Case 1: Tags fine, trackname is shown as title tag.. Case 2: Tags fine, trackname shown as FIlename incl. .mp3 extension Case 3: Tags fine, trackname shown as Filename without .mp3 extension Last Picture my settings for Lists..
  12. Hello, My collection has 87000 files. All of them are properly tagged. For my instance renaming filenames is not an option.. I have the situation, that some album tracks are show the filename incl. Extension. mp3 , some show the title tag On albums which show the full filename and not the title tag, tagging is done properly so there is definitely a title tag. I double checked this to be sure.. I cannot find a pattern why one is this way and one another.. Is there a way to force PA to use the title tag? And if there is not title tag, put it to unknown title?
  13. Dear Guys, I have the same issue.. Are there any news after analysing the logs?
  14. Hello Andrew, First of all, sorry for the late reply and thanks for your quick answer.. I was playing around a little following your suggestions.. 1. Yes you where right, I had other folder included in neutron so the count was different by my fault. 2. I reduced the short file limit to 0 3. I knew already what was not scanned. It was only new files for any reason. After some restarts and 2 days later (I did approx 15 times full scan without any success) it just started working and all files where shown in the list. Please -don't ask me why.. I really have no clue.
  15. Hello team, Im using ibasso dx160 with fidelizer Rom and lurker add on.. I have approx 89500 files in 320kbps mp3 with proper tagging.. I have at the initial scan 80178 files recognized. I added several folders later but on any kind of rescan (even full rescan) it does not recognize those files. The files are added as all the other files in the same folder system with similar subfolder system. I looked into library settings and all folders are ticked on. I also set the short tracks setting to 2sec. When I scan my library with Neutron Player it recognizes correctly
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