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  1. sorry to take so long to reply - I've been away. I know what you mean about the Samsung trying to protect my ears - my phone will start with the volume way down whenever I've powered off my phone. But what's happening to me in this case is different - the phone will show the volume at 100%, but no audio is being transmitted to the car, just the song's metadata and the time elapsed. So I have to go to Poweramp, pause the song, then hit play, and then I get the audio. The crazy thing is that it's random. Sometimes everything starts up normally, other times there's 0 volume.
  2. I changed everything to default, and also changed the output type several times. The problem keeps happening (i.e. Poweramp starts playing thru my car bluetooth, but volume is at zero), but sometimes (maybe 1/3 of the time), Poweramp starts correctly. I'll keep playing around to see if I can find any commonality between when it starts correctly vs when it doesn't, but as of now, I'm going to chalk it up as something going on with my phone rather than Poweramp, since you said there haven't been any changes to the code in this area.
  3. Issue with bluetooth. Prior to build 853, I would start my car (2012 Toyota), and Poweramp would sync up with my car and automatically start playing. Now, when I start my car, Poweramp will sync, send metadata, start playing, but with no sound. I can tell it's playing because I see the song title and timer incrementing on my car's video screen. In order to get audio, I need to unlock my phone, go into Poweramp, stop, and then start the song. Then I get my normal audio. I've tried it with DVC both on and off. Same thing happens
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