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  1. It's a bit frustrating as Poweramp does exactly that and I'm not sure what PC software does that - if only it would have an embed function. Is there any way to make the Poweramp album art folder compatible with itunes or mediamonkey etc so you could use that to embed it?
  2. Hi I'm hoping I can find a way to take the Poweramp album art folder from my phone and automatically embed it into my music files. Whether this is using another android app or using an app on PC. What I want to avoid is having to do hundreds / thousands of drag, drop and saves to get them embedded. What's the quickest / easiest way? I wish Poweramp did it automatically but it's an amazing app especially with v3 so can't complain. Thanks
  3. Do you have a link to the post? Is it one click and it's done or manually dropping hundreds / thousands of pictures into the audio file and saving?
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