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  1. No difference, still see the duplication. How Poweramp decide if it is a new Playlist? Obviously is not only based on the name.
  2. I have "Remove Playlist Entries On Track Deletion" and "Resolve Playlist Entries" enabled. There is just one "Running.m3u" file in my sd card. Everytime I sync it with a new version, a new "Running.m3u" playlist appears in Poweramp with the songs of the new version. The other copies of the playlist match older versions. Cheers, Iván.
  3. I am using build 853, and Poweramp shows a new playlist everytime I do a change. I create and manage the playlists using MusicBee on a Windows PC, and then sync them with my phone.
  4. Hi there, I have Poweramp scanning a folder with some m3u playlists generated by an external software. It works fine until I modify those playlist adding/removing tracks (using the external software). After a new scanning, Poweramp picks the new version but import them as new playlists, keeping the old version in the database. Is it possible to just keep the latest version instead of manually having to delete them everytime? Less important, is it possible to hide the playlist .m3u extension from the UI? Many thanks, Iván.
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