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  1. OH NO, SORRY! DID NOT NOTICED THAT I CAN SCROLL THE MENU! I will delete the post, thank you and sorry! EDIT: As I see now, I can not delete my misleading post, so please admin delete it! 🙂
  2. AndreWilley, I tried that many times, but in Folders Hierarchy mode that's NOT possible. In songs-level view I can choose or un-choose only 'Short folder names', 'List Position', and 'Per Track Progress'. There is no 'By Filename'.
  3. I can't see how to sort tracks (songs) in Folders Hierarchy mode only by filename, not by tag name. I have lot of mp3s without tags and I used to sort them by filename - each song filename starts with a proper number. I always played that way without a problem on Mixzing and Winamp. Please make it possible in Poweramp. As I can see, I am not the only one with that problem. I can see that it is possible in All Songs view, but it is NOT in the Folders Hierarchy mode! EDIT: SOLVED - I didn't noticed that I can scroll the menu. Sorry!
  4. I like to set specific preset EQ settings to almost every music album/folder I listen. So I would like to be enabled to do that more quickly, in the way that when I set EQ and apply it to a specific album/folder/song, that I don't have to give it appropriate name and lose time on that. (Time consuming because that name should be long enough to ensure that it is different from all other presets.) I want to simply press 'save' without typing the name. Poweramp should be able to automaticaly give the generic name - for example the full name of that folder/album/song which I already marked anyway. Please make it possible. :-)
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