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  1. Checked that with the router config, it should be fine to connect with each devices on same subnet. As mentioned, I have tested the chromecast via My LG-V40TQ with Andriod 9 Official rom built-in Music Player and I see it is success to play the music. Is there any way to find out the problem on?😂
  2. Poweramp version and build number: v3-build-853-arm64-play [853004-eab856f2] Your device model: LG-V40TQ Your Android version: 9 Cannot play the songs via soundbar build-in chromecast audio. And i have tested that with my mobile phone's build-in player and i see it is ok to play🤯 Is there any settings i need to do to play? Here is the screen of my mobile phone, please help😥 https://m.imgur.com/a/j5JbWb7
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