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  1. Maxmp.....fair enough. Wierd thing is, on a previous beta version, Poweramp beta 790 v7a, this same phone allowed me to select hi res audio. Oh well. Cheers anyway.
  2. Please help with hi res audio for..... Huawei P8 lite (2017) Android 8.0.0 Latest full version Poweramp. 14:56:07.444 v3-build-849-arm64-play Device: HUAWEI HUAWEI PRA-LX1 PRA-LX1 hi6250 [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] FAILED to read=/system/etc/audio_policy.conf reading=/vendor/etc/audio_policy.conf has outputs_primary, sampling_rates=48000 has usb has usb outputs has usb_device, sampling_rates=dynamic has usb formats=dynamic USB can handle Hi-Res - sdk=26 FLAG_VARIANT_USB_ONLY OK flags=0x404001400000000 FLAG_VARIANT_USB_ONLY FLAG_SUPPORTS_USB FLAG_SUPPORTS_FLT_DYN_RANGE FLAG_SUPPORTS_LDAC INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_192K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_176K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_96K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_88K
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