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  1. Daunting is definitely a good way to put that. Meanwhile, my noob-ass is trying to find out how to put a two second gap between songs haha.
  2. @flyingdutchman forgive the ignorance of this next question but how do I create a gap between songs that will still allow the very beginning of the song to play? The way it was set was to fade into the next song, and I fixed that to where it plays from the very beginning with no fade, but there is now no gap between songs. (great for Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, not so great for everything else lol)
  3. @flyingdutchman Now that is definitely a pop of color! Can you give a step by step on how to change the color value numbers from my phone?
  4. I do appreciate your wanting to work this stuff out tho bro!
  5. @flyingdutchman I appreciate the help but this is wayyyy above my head haha. Literally the only thing I could contribute would be the color preference. Mine is neon green for the spectrum bars.
  6. @flyingdutchman what gives the spectrum analyzer it's light powder blue color that it has already? My ideal color would be the neon green usually assigned to spectrum analyzers.
  7. @flyingdutchman Yup, I got the paid for and love it so far. Is it possible to relocate it either under or above the play/rew/ffd buttons instead of superimposed on top of the buttons? Also, (this has probably been asked already) will there be a color change option in the near future?
  8. Never mind. I have got Flying Duchman's Yaps and it has the spectrum on the front skin! Beautiful too!
  9. I would like to know if there is a way to show the spectrum analyzer that is on the EQ skin, on the main skin? I have a pic example of what I would like to do.
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