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  1. This is clearly a Poweramp Issue. Browsing function works with Google Play Music app - no problem. How go I get a message to developers?
  2. Yeah, no problem getting the icon back on the home page. I am connecting via Bluetooth directly from the phone to the head unit. The browse button is on the Honda display screen (as well as play, pause, track advance, etc.). All buttons are functional except hitting Browse only shows the song playing rather than showing categories to browse (albums, artists, etc.). Again, she swears it would browse before the update occurred. Here is a screenshot from Honda manual. Not sure how it "knows" I am using Poweramp as there are other music apps on phone as well.
  3. Galaxy S7 and S8+ phones just received a Poweramp auto update. Icon somehow "removed itself" off home screen. That was weird enough but since this update 2 days ago, I can no longer browse music folders from my late-model Honda Pilot's display screen. All other functions work (pause, play, skip track) but when I select browse (on car screen), I do not see the usual folder structure (Album, Artist, etc.). This is very weird and it changed right after app was updated on 28 Oct. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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