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  1. Its version 3,build 849. I've tried this several times now, even going back as far as version 2. Always the same result.
  2. That information has been added in. And I'll try reverting as soon as i work out how. Well, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my phone, and installing an app that frees up ram. Though I am skeptical of those apps.
  3. The app seems to be having a number of problems, which all boil down to it being very slow. It can start from the last song I played, via the widget on my home screen. But when I press the menu button, to see other albums/songs, there's a spinning wheel in the top right corner, none of the buttons work. So eventually that button works, and I can see my albums, but that spinning wheel is still there, and I can't click on any of the albums, and there's no album art either. It's as if Poweramp can't access the data on my phone. Eventually it comes right, and I am able to put on an album to
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