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  1. I would like to have the option to press lock song and then when I skip to the next one it will keep playing the old one until I press release. U can even add a play next button This is not the same as the add to list u can do now, since while driving it's impossible
  2. While driving, I would like to be able to say next and have the player move to the next song
  3. any chance of integrating with allshare? today i have to use the default player which i dont like. and while your at it, is it possible to add voice commands? thanx
  4. i am not sure if it is possible, so not a feature request yet today, i can activate a dlna server on my android and play from winamp on my comp. this sucks, i would like to play from my Poweramp on my android device to my computer (which will run something) and control whats playing. is this possible? thanx, assaf
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