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  1. @flyingdutchman, I didn't quit follow, but I was wondering: Can your app modify Poweramp playlists that are already loaded into Poweramp? The idea would be to use your app to manipulate the playlist, but then play from Poweramp. For example, your app would include a "Favorites" playlist (matching one already in Poweramp) that includes individual songs as well as short playlists of songs that should be played together. If the user wants to reshuffle the Favorites list, that would be done in your app (not Poweramp). Then the list could be exported to Poweramp, where it would replace the existing Favorites playlist. During the export, the sub-playlists would be expanded to the individual songs between the shuffled individual songs. At that point, from Poweramp, playing the list would give the effect of random play, but groups of songs would be played together when appropriate. rtillery
  2. Yes. Groups that can be part of a random list. BTW, another use case that has come up is that I have a playlist of tunes that have been covered. I'd like to randomly play a song from the list, but then play all the cover versions back-to-back: Please Mr. Postman: The Marvelettes, The Beatles, The Carpenters Smokin' In The Boy's Room: Brownsville Station, Mötley Crüe Ain't That A Shame: Fats Domino, Cheap Trick The Loco-Motion: Little Eva, Grand Funk Railroad, Carole King, Kylie Minogue etc. Thanks! rtillery
  3. Sorry. It sounds like you are saying that I merge a sorted playlist into a "random" one. But the point of a random playlist is to have it be different every time. It's just that for certain small groups of songs, whenever they are randomly chosen, they play together. If the merged "random" list is reshuffled, I'd lose the song groupings. If I misunderstood, please forgive me. rtillery
  4. @flyingdutchman, how do you play sub groups of songs in order, while overall playing the playlist randomly (see above)? The consensus seems to be that Poweramp doesn't currently support this. rtillery
  5. Perhaps not. But this isn't a new idea: And technically, it's almost trivial. rtillery
  6. Granted. But allowing a playlist within a playlist would be fairly easy. (Recursion is your friend.) rtillery
  7. A playlist, even if it had to be a pre-created m3u file (for example, in a first release), could be used as an entry in the playlist. And yes, I know I can merge songs, but since I don't have to do this in an album, it would be convenient to not do this for a playlist. rtillery
  8. Is there a way to group songs together for play in a playlist? I have a large playlist of my favorite songs, and I like to have them played randomly. But there are certain songs which are meant to be played together: Van Halen: Eruption + You really Got Me Van Halen: 1984 + Jump Queen: We Will Rock You + We Are the Champions Steve Miller Band: Threshold + Jet Airliner The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band + With a Little Help From My Friends The Beatles: Because + You Never Give Me Your Money + Sun King + Mean Mr. Mustard + Polythene Pam + She Came in Through the Bathroom Window + Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End etc. Is there a way to group songs within a playlist so that when these songs are chosen, they are played together? rtillery
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