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  1. Thanks for the tip! There's a lot of empty space in the alternative layout, but it's definitely an improvement. I'll have to look into third-party skins later.
  2. When playing the last song in a list (e.g. an album), the last half-second or so is missing. It's extremely noticeable if the track ends in anything other than a fade-out to silence. It only happens when I get the "list finished" popup; setting the app to repeat or skip to the next list fixes the problem. The exact point at which playback halts varies slightly each time, perhaps due to the exact point I seek to while testing this. I have tried turning off crossfade, swapping output plugins, and shrinking the buffers (gapless and output plugin) to no effect. Interestingly, if I press play immediately after finishing the track, the missing clip *does* play, followed by the track again from the beginning—it's loaded from disk but never sent to the output. This doesn't work anymore if I seek before pressing play. Troubleshooting advice is welcome but this seems like an off-by-one error to me.
  3. I can recognize my albums by cover, so I don't need the labels superimposed on top (album & artist), but I don't mind them either. However, that changes when I switch to the extra-small grid. The labels cover about half of the art, and most of them don't fit anyway (see screencap) . It's too bad though, because I would love the 4-wide grid layout otherwise. If there was an option to hide these labels, it would solve this problem for me. Either way, though, I think I'll be paying for Poweramp when my trial expires; I'm quite impressed with it. Thanks!
  4. Bump. I don't have anything meaningful to contribute to the thread, but I'd love to see this implemented.
  5. I am in exactly the same position; I've been using Foobar2000 for some time but I'm very drawn to Poweramp for its better presentation, more options, and high-res playback. But there are a few albums in my collection, even a few of my personal favorites (Yes and Kendrick Lamar come to mind) which are physically painful at times due to hard-panning of certain tracks. Crossfeed is the solution to this problem.
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