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  1. Thanks for the reply Andre. I am not able to find the option you mentioned. I am on build 840-841 and do not have any new update available in Google Play Store as of now. I have started locking the app in Android task killer to try and avoid stopping playback completely as you mentioned, but for some reason (i guess my rom) it sometimes still kills it. What bothers me is that I have to navigate again through the hierarchy and hit shuffle on the folder I want to play when this happens, not that the exact position in list is not kept. Do you think such a feature could be adde
  2. Hello, I have a folder hierarchy and want to shuffle through all of it. This works fine by going to the root folder I want to suffle and pressing the shuffle button while there. The problem which I face is that if I stop listening and close Poweramp (swipe it away), the next time I open Poweramp back again it will switch by itself from shuffling all songs and folders to playing the current song's folder only. It is like it forgets the shuffle list and just plays the current folder. To go in more detail, say I have Folder A which contains 3 folders B,C,D which each contain 10 s
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