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  1. As it happened I had to return the head unit with the issue and I have installed another similar unit. The new unit does not block Poweramp so the problem has gone away for me... I didn't turn any visualisations on on the old unit. I think the answer would have been to persuade the unit it was parked by doing something with the 'park' wire (eg connect it to ground or whatever it required). Anyway Poweramp is installed on the new unit and working much better than the built-in music player. Just need a skin with bigger buttons now...
  2. I was looking for a player that could handle a large collection on SD card for my Android head unit (Avison N8, Android 8.1) and Poweramp seemed to fit the bill. I installed it and everything worked really well. Until... When I set off it was immediately blocked by the head unit as 'video'. I don't know how it is recognised as video (Android permission?). Anyway is there a setting or workaround to allow it to run? (or do I have to defeat the head unit security...).
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