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  1. I use Poweramp while i am running, i'll also use RunKeeper or Endomondo to keep track of my runs (GPS, distance etc) During my runs my app will give me updates either on a mile mark or a minute mark (say every 5 mins). So when the run apps hits said mark it pauses Poweramp to tell me my time, distance, and pace, then Poweramp picks back up where left off. Lately after 20mins of running i'll hit my mark Poweramp will pause and not come back on, i'll have to manually hit the play button, next mark, same thing. I assume it's Poweramp cause it will happen with both running apps, but i will say it happens more with RunKeeper then Endomondo. Any suggestions.
  2. I use my que for the podcasts. I'll put them in the order i want them to play. If i hit the "NEXT" button the next podcast will play, most times if hit the NEXT button it is by accident and it will skip that podcast in the list. It thinks i already listened to this podcast so it skips to the next one. If i go into the queue that podcast will be greyed out. I can still listen to it, i just don't want to have to go in and manually select it, how do i un-grey it out so it thinks i haven't listened to that podcast yet (likes it's new to the list)
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