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  1. Thanks. Would you recommend I update all my mp3s to ID3v2.4? In the settings there is an option to write ID3v2.4. I think the reason I didn't select it was I read somewhere that some players had trouble interpreting ID3v2.4 correctly, so ID3v2.3 had best compatibility. But tbh I only use foobar and Poweramp and I think both of them are fine with ID3v2.4, except for PA and the multiple ARTIST fields.
  2. So how can I fix this? I use Foobar and mp3tag to tag my files, does anybody know how to tag "correctly" using these tools to avoid the null byte? I guess I could load all the files into Tagscanner, but that's an annoying step. Not sure I understand this, in Mp3tag there is already an ALBUMARTIST field present (see attached)?
  3. +1, I've also got some keywords stored in comments that I'd love to be able to search. I do "make up" my own genres and put them in the genre tab though, genres are inherently subjective so I don't find it to be such a huge issue. And it's a huge help to quickly search for certain "mood" music, as you also mentioned. There should be an option implemented where you can choose for the database to incorporate larger tags. Music players such as Foobar search comment tags too, so it should be possible for Power Amp to too.
  4. +1, it should be an option inside settings though.
  5. No, the artist names are just listed one after another separated with spaces, with one continuous underline. They don't show up as individual entries in Artists.
  6. I know this is an old thread but just read through it and sounds like a really nice feature so +1 from me, for what it's worth.
  7. This is weird, for some reason my mp3 files are not showing multiple artists correctly like yours. They're demarcated with a space, instead of a semicolon. Flac files are fine.
  8. Ah, good to know. Still, however, it would add a bit of convenience to have them both show up under artists when you type in just "olivia". I know, I know, not a huge thing but...still something I'd like to see.
  9. Aha, you were right, I figured out the problem! After enabling artist split, you need to do a "Full Rescan", not just a standard Rescan - then it shows up like in your player. It had nothing to do with tagging (I tried adding a space before and after ; in a file and it doesn't make a difference) However, now I've got the opposite issue, I actually liked having both the groups and artists showing up in search 😄. E.g. in your example, you've only got "Olivia Newton-John" showing up in Artist when you search for olivia, but it's convenient to also have "Olivia Newton-John; John Travolta" showing up, because then you can quickly select all the songs with both Olivia and Travolta as artists, and exclude songs with only Olivia as the artist. So I guess that's my new feature request: In the search results, please show every multiple ARTIST field of songs containing the artist you searched for. Oh and thanks so much for taking the time Andre!
  10. I'm running build 905 (latest update). I've just tried enabled artist splitting, added ";" symbol, done a rescan and it doesn't make a difference. To be clear, I'm happy with how the search shows the results (except for incorrect mp3 demarcation), I just wanted the search function to show all songs containing the artist when I click the artist name, including songs with multiple ARTIST fields, not only songs solely tagged with that artist.
  11. That's weird, it does for me, check attached. EDIT: I just noticed that multiple artist fields in .mp3 files are still not demarcated with ; whereas .flac files show up correctly now.
  12. Hey all, got a feature request! Currently in Poweramp if you do a search for an artist and click the artist name, all the songs tagged solely with that artist will show up. However if you have songs with multiple artist tagged, those will NOT show up, even though the artist has been in tagged in those songs. Example; tag one song with "Lauryn Hill" in the ARTIST field and another song with "Fugees; Lauryn Hill" in the ARTIST field. Do a search for Lauryn Hill in Poweramp, it will show the artists "Lauryn Hill" and "Fugees; Lauryn Hill". So far so good. However if you click Lauryn Hill it ONLY shows the song tagged solely with Lauryn Hill, whereas I would like a feature where it also shows the song tagged Fugees; Lauryn Hill - ie it should show every single song tagged with Lauryn Hill in the ARTIST field. Hope I'm making sense.
  13. Hey, would like to request an option to hide the Album Name in list view and play view.
  14. +1, I also use multiple artist fields in FLAC files (as encouraged by xiph) but they don't show up. Requesting support for multiple artist tags, separated by comma (,). Would also request that multiple artist tags in mp3 files are separated by comma. RIght now they're just separated by a space, so you can't differentiate between the artists.
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