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  1. Hello there, Is it possible to add a setting that hides the extension of file based playlists in the library playlist menu? So for example a playlist will show up as "New Playlist" instead of "New Playlist.m3u" in the menu. Thanks in advance. Ted
  2. I understand. I hope to see the new option soon. Thank you for your help Andre, and many thanks to Max for keeping the best music player in the store alive!
  3. Thanks for your interest in my request Andre. I think I need to clarify my point a bit. I believe that if someone wants a playlist re-sorted by album or artist/album the tracks of the album must be sorted with the album's original order, rather than by their title. I don't mean that all playlists should be sorted like that by default nor that all the tracks in the playlist should be sorted by track number. Only the playlists that the user chooses to re-sort by album or artist/album. Max must have already thought of that because when you select an album and add it to a playlist the tracks are added in number sort rather than title sort. I don't mind a separate option (e.g. album/track# and artist/album/track#), after all someone might prefer the current sorting method. I just pointed it out because it seems to me that this should be the default behavior.
  4. Currently when you apply the album sorting the tracks of an album are sorted by title rather than track#. The same happens with the artist/album sorting. I think it would be better that when you sort a playlist by album or artist/album the sorting respects the track# of the songs. So an album that looks like this: 1. Charlie 2. Beta 3. Alpha Will look like that when sorted in a playlist instead of looking like this: 3. Alpha 2. Beta 1. Charlie
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