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  1. Let me give it a try. Hopefully it fixed things
  2. Its build 820 on galaxy s8 running on android 7.0
  3. I only noticed after the post that it was for v2 when I'm having an issue with the v3
  4. Usually when I pause the music through my headphones control or when I reconnect headphones after an accidental disconnect, the music player starts to skip certain songs, some songs don't play till the very end and even stops fading in and out. It also happens when I'm playing via Bluetooth and I've had to maybe run into a store quickly. When I get back into the car, the Bluetooth connects with no issues and music starts to play but then the music plays like I've said on top. Any help for how to fix this permanently because I have to always clear the cache & remove Poweramp from the open a
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