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  1. I have an MP3 collection with fully edited ID3 Tags (I use MP3Tag and write all ID3 tags, but no APE tags) including album art stored in the files. After storing the MP3s on my phone (Xiaomi) I can already see the album art, even in the file manager app. I open up Power Amp and do a full music rescan, still all new MP3s are listed as Unkown Artist. Checking on the tags in Power Amp shows they are completely empty and no stored album art found. Opening Omnia Player on the same phone shows all songs with album art and correctly sorted, as all Tags are there. Omnia does not even require a manual rescan to find the new tracks/tags. I store all music on my external SD card in the phone. I was just about to buy the full version of Power Amp for all the good features it has, but this is a show stopper for me. Manually doing all the tags is a lot of work, a player who just ignores that is not what I need. I did not open the music in Windows Media Player, I found that software immediately retags your music and writes APE tags, that cause many issues in some Android players. I'll attach a sample tag export out of MP3 Tag. Kind regards Boris Mp3tag - Dateiübersicht.html
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