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  1. I finally found it. It's not in info/tags; it appears by clicking the info message below the track time info. Regards.
  2. It hasn't to be zoomable nor advanced. A wave graphic from -0dB to -0dB is enough for most tracks. That's the way I choose the album/song version to keep after having downloaded it from Deezer. It could appear as one more visualizatiion preset. It's just an idea. A detailed waveform graphic can be seen in AIMP:
  3. Unfortunately, I only have a tablet and a smartphone. I have tried what you say in Poweramp and these are the data shown for a given track: FLAG, 636 sec. (10:36), 44100 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo, 981 kbps, Gapless, 76242kb I can't see the normalization amount & peak level... Regards.
  4. There's something that would be much easier for me if Poweramp had this feature. When I get a new song or album, the first thing I do is to check the waveform in the Wave Editor Pro app from Playstore to see if it has been a victim of the loudness war. I search for suspicious parts (sometimes it's the whole song or even the whole album) and I zoom in to see if the wave has been clipped. It would be nice to do it without leaving Poweramp.
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