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  1. Thanks just regular mp3 and some wma, will send one.
  2. So have reformatted sd card, no music on, full rescan, added 4 folders of music on, 1 album in each folder, did rescan, right number of folders and tracks showe' up, but.... when tried to play a song found they all showing time as 0.00 and failed to play. Looking in my file manager they all there, showing as 3mb etc as a file, very strange. Next step to buy a new sd card and try that. Frustrated.com
  3. Hi Andrew Yes very odd, I am just loading pa to my tablet to test it on there, also going to reformat sd card and start again. Then if that doesn't work try a different sd card. No space on internal memory hence the new sd card.
  4. Thanks max. The tracks do appear in my file manager and I can play them, then randomly when I add more tracks and rescan some will be deleted, on then checking with my file manager they are gone. Have unchecked short tracks and contain video, but they don't come into it, as they are not being ignored they are being deleted, very strange.
  5. Hi All Recently changed my sd card, did a full rescan and all seemed well. Until i noticed that tracks are being deleted ?? I look at folder and track count on rescan tab. I add some more tracks, do a rescan and count go up I then add some more tracks, rescan and count goes down. ?? I look in folder where all my music is stored and some of the folders (each album has its own folder) are now empty, so the tracks have been deleted by Poweramp. Anybody else had this issue. ??
  6. Hi All I am running out of space on my phone memory, so i bought a bigger sd card. Had issues with songs not playing due to un mount error, did a full rescan which seems to have sorted that issue. I tried moving the Poweramp app to my sd card, but it wont then load, just keeps coming up with error message saying it wont load, once moved back to phone memory it works. Any ideas. Thanks
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