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  1. Jumping in in this topic. I am curious about how to develop a Poweramp V3 skin and cloned Github project. I'm a seasoned developer, but not that many experience with Java/Android Studio. And I understand how a skin is built & works on V3, no problem with that. But trying to open & build this project in Android Studio (latest), adjusting stuff as described in this README and... I have errors and it does not work. https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_skin_sdk/poweramp_skin_sample/readme.md For a start, "stable-ids.txt" is missing from the project. I created an empty file, and it worked, Then, I could not proceed on this. No matter I do, i always get a build error -- but hey, maybe I'm skipping something basic here... additionalParameters "--shared-lib", "-I", "./../../Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk" Error: AAPT: W/ziparchive(76693): Unable to open './../../Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk': No such file or directory error: failed to open APK: I/O error. Just to skip that and try I removed that line, and I got a new one, concerning "stable-ids.txt" AAPT: error: can't assign ID 0x00010000 to resource com.Poweramp.v3.sampleskin:attr/OpenSans_font with conflicting ID 0x80000000. error: failed assigning IDs. I've cleaned project, rebuild & make again. No luck. As you can see, Skin Sample project is not working out of the box, even if we follow given instructions. Can we have a revised/updated version, please? That would be awesome! [UPDATE] I moved the apk file to project's root and removed all relative paths, and now it's working! additionalParameters "--stable-ids", "stable-ids.txt", "--emit-ids", "stable-ids.txt", "--shared-lib", "-I", "Poweramp-v3-build-842-uni.apk" Thanks
  2. Hi all! Trying the skin SDK from here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/tree/master/poweramp_skin_sdk I have dowloaded and copied `Poweramp-v3.apk` to project's root folder, and changed path in `app/build.gradle`. Currently it looks like this: ` aaptOptions { additionalParameters "--stable-ids", "stable-ids.txt", "--emit-ids", "stable-ids.txt", "--shared-lib", "-I", "./../../Poweramp-v3.apk" } But i cannot make it work, I always get this: AAPT: W/ziparchive(68291): Unable to open './../../Poweramp-v3.apk': No such file or directory error: failed to open APK: I/O error. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
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