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  1. Hi I've got scan set to Manual, but a scan is being performed every time I edit then save tag details. With 15,000 tracks it's taking some time to make changes. Your app is fabulous as always.
  2. Hi Max, Thanks for a fab app, I'm not seeing 864 in Google Play yet? need my 14000 tracks more than ever now I'm in lock down 🙂
  3. Hi I have a library of 14000 tracks so a rescan takes a fair few seconds, as I result I manual scan only. Previous to 863 an edit of tags would be a second or two update. I'm finding that since updating to 863, Poweramp is performing a scan evertime I press save which is making a simple tag change time consuming. Galaxy S8 Cheers
  4. Having same problem crashes when pressing 'edit tags'
  5. Love the new playlist Album Art option 👍🏻
  6. Agree with espa, could you please put it back to name order as it is impossible for me to playlist any new tracks because my 80+ playlists are all over the place so are difficult to find
  7. It was in name order before the update, can it be set to name order as my playlists are set to display in name order, I would expect the 'Add to Playlist' order to be the same as the display order? Thanks
  8. Since updating, when adding a song to a playlist the playlists are no longer in name order
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