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  1. Thanks Andre. Thats pretty much what I thought. In a perfect world I would love to be able to view both my cards and the internal storage but without showing subfolders. If I am driving and stopped at a light I can spend the duration just scrolling thru subfolders of the artists...... Hierarchy is great but wont show both cards or internal at once.. just one at a time.. Again, I only complain because sorting time is important when I'm in the car. Thank you for your reply. Much Appreciated!
  2. Hi, First I apologize if this has been gone over. I did search beforehand and did not find anything. I am using the Fiio M11 which has internal and two external storage cards.On the external cards I have all my music catagorized from A-M on the first card and O-Z on the 2nd card. Each folder is named with the artists name followed by the album title. Any artists that have multiple albums I create a main folder with just the artists name and all the albums as subfolders inside. Now my question or problem/request is that under Folder Hierachy it shows the name of the main folder without showing the additional subfolders and sorts by name. This is a great feature as it displays the folder names but without showing the subfolders which is EXTREMELY helpful when scrolling thru hundreds and hundreds of albums. Now here is my problem! Under the Folder option I cant figure out how to set it up to view the same way. I am not sure if its even possible but is that something that could possibly happen with an update? I am using 2 512gb cards and doing the folder search really slows things down by scrolling thru all the damn subfolders. I tried sorting by artist name but that made it worse as I have a few various artist albums and now for one album i have to scroll thru 12 different artists . I hope what I am asking makes sense and again, I have exhausted going into all the settings and options that I could find. Thanks very much guys for any info/help!
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