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  1. Samsung s10+ (exynos), android 9, latest (samsung s10) build. Did all the steps from the sticky-icky-icky. Oooh wee! Put it in the air - I digress... Go from 100% to 40% battery in 4 hours playback, with free pocket warmer, cpu-z gives no actual temperatures of the cpu and shows no GPU activity, temperature of the battery around 37~38 degrees C (not so strange when wearing the phone while exercising). But the phone it self feels too warm to the touch and is noticeable (annoyingly) warmer in my pocket-> meaning higher then body temp. Get the device care notification. Went from a oneplus 6 (snapdragon) to a s10 so first assumed it to be a samsung issue: and stopped using the high-res output, no visualization etc. but reading others here this doesn't seem to be an issue specific to this model or output.
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