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  1. Andre, it still happen, i selected +3 priority. So i don't know how can i fix it. any suggest? It could be a bug of my firmware phone? or a problem the headset service of Poweramp?
  2. Hi Andre, Audio thread priority by default its setting to +2, i should try +3 or highest? Thanks sorry for my english i try to not use google translator
  3. Hi, first it all i want to say thanks for this great music player. Now, i have a issue when i plug my headphones, it takes a time (1-2 minutes) to replay the music, even sometimes do not do, and i have to unlock the screen and press play manually. I've tried with different headphones but it's the same thing. Also reinstalling the application. My phone is Xperia SP, with micro SD 16gb 10 class Thanks
  4. ZRRX

    Car Mode

    Hi friends, am from chile, and i love this app.. but i'll like, if u can add a car mode, with big tittle and artist of the song, the screen is turns on when the song change, and the lockscreen mode disable. This is an example Greetings from chile.
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