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  1. Hello Poweramp developers, I am using your music player quite some time and I consider it one of the best if not the best music player for android platform. For all that time I am using it I found only one thing i am missing in your app. A lot of people are using headphones for music listening nowadays. The biggest problem in headphones is unnatural stereo separation, mainly in some older recordings. This sometimes causing me listening fatigue. I am solving this problem by using Meier crossfeed for a couple of years in foobar2000 music player on Windows platform. All my music is first crossfeeded on PC and than played on Poweramp. It is king of a solution, but it would be much comfortable for me to just copy my music to phone and use crossfeed implemented in your app. So I would like to ask you if you don`t want to consider implementing this feature into your music player. I am even willing to pay for it and I think I am not alone. I tried to use foobar2000 and Neutron players for Android. They both support this feature, but I still like your player more. So thank you for such a great product and I hope you will consider my wish.
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