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  1. Since the PA developers won't get back to me, even to simply acknowledge I have a problem, I found a workaround. I just make playlists. It's a little time consuming, but when you tell AA "play [playlist name] playlist" it plays the playlist from beginning to end. You can shuffle too. I simply go to the folder screen and click and hold an album. That selects the whole album (folder). When the menu pops up, select "playlist" and go from there. It's been working pretty well...
  2. Andre, I just went out and drove around the block a few times and tried it out. PA plays the selected folder in order, but you can't change it to another folder (album) because AA won't let you switch while driving, and Google Assistant just switches to All Songs when you use it. Musicolet works well with AA and GA. It defaults to playing the folder you ask for, and it will play a single song out of a folder if you ask (but you gotta ask nice) Anyway, thanks again for the suggestion. I really hope we find a fix because I would rather just use PA for everything instead of having to use a special player for the car...
  3. Ok, great... I'll try it tomorrow on the way to work... Thanks for the help...
  4. To change music while driving with AA, I have to use the voice commands. I would rather just be able to scroll manually, but it won't let me with the vehicle in motion. There are many different settings in PA, but I haven't found the one that makes it play the entire folder instead of from the All Songs list. I think it might be how it handles the cue, but I'm not sure. Got any ideas?
  5. Me too. In the meantime, Musicolet is the best one I've found for playing albums from folders. It plays them in alphabetical order, but it plays them all. I love Poweramp because of all the different settings, but like you, I like to listen to albums.
  6. I submitted this problem to the developer via email. If I get a fix, I'll post it ..
  7. I have the same problem, whether I use AA or Google Assistant. It seems like whatever album you tell it to play, it plays the first song in alphabetical order on that album, then the next song is from the "All Songs" list. I ask it to play Santana Zebop (no song named "Zebop") and it plays the song American Gypsy, which is like the 8th track on the album. The next song in the que is the next song in alphabetical order from a totally different album. I ask it to play Santana Marathon (there is a song named "Marathon" on the album) and it plays "All I Ever Wanted", which is like the 5th track. It's like PA defaults to the folder named "Artist/Album" and plays the first alphabetical song on the album from the "All Songs" list...Wierd. Anyway, it seems like it should be an easy fix and a REQUURED fix by PA. None of the other music apps I use on AA act this way. Musicole, Media Monkey and VLC all default to the album/folder and play the tracks in the folder, in either alphabetical or numeric order. I like PA, but it really makes it unusable in the car...
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