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  1. Could be an issue with the new Android Q, but New Playlist Manager crashes every time I select Library.  It seems to recognize the music in the Library because it can still auto-generate a playlist, but it will not update the id3v2 tag ratings to Poweramp's ratings.  After checking the logs, I've realized that it finished in 0.0 seconds, which tells me that it didn't actually process any of the tags.  That makes me suspect the two might be related.


    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    2. aceofsween


      Still seems like there is an issue with updating the Poweramp ratings from tags.

      The app now recognizes my library (roughly 2700 individual tracks), and it each of those have id3v2 ratings.  Within the New Playlist Manager app, it recognizes those ratings when I select "Edit Tag" and I can also see that the Poweramp ratings are set to 0.  However, when I try to use the "Update Poweramp Ratings from tags" option, sequence finishes immediately and I still get 0 records updated in my logs.

      Any suggestions/thoughts as to why this might be the case?
      (Edit:  Just as a clarification, the Poweramp ratings are 0, so they should update regardless, but the setting for Update Poweramp Ratings is still set as ON, just in case.)

    3. flyingdutchman


      There was an issue with exporting ratings but i have today released another version. Updating from tags should work. Are the tracks on an external sdcard? Did you look at the notification.? You also need to ensure permissions are set for the external sdcard. In settings, other settings you can set it to rerun the permission file picker again. This time select external sdcard.

    4. flyingdutchman


      And there is an errorlog in playlist_manager folder popm2paerror.log

  2. I know this is an older thread, but I was wondering about something that andrewilley mentioned... Why not allow Poweramp to use the id3v2 tags as the initial rating, even if it does not update that tag from then on. So for instance, if the rating of a particular track is null, then the rating is imported from the tag. Additionally, I would add the option to clear the ratings from Poweramp (for the entire library and individual folders/albums) and re-sync them with the id3v2 tags. Presumably, this will preserve all the functionality for all current users. Those who use the Poweramp ratings currently would not be effected by the change, since only tracks without ratings would be adjusted. Users who already have a library with ratings stored in their POPM tag and are dumping their files into their devices would then have their Poweramp ratings sync'd. The only other solution would be to store the rating change and apply it after the track ends. This is similar to how MusicBee handles this on Windows, except you do run into read/write permission issues in some cases (pressing Previous while you have a change pending causes an error because it restarts the same track, which MusicBee then also tries to write the tag to, but that's an issue with MusicBee).
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