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  1. wow really? MP4A AAC? that sucks. what about Apple carplay?
  2. you're probably right. Could be just my internal biases kicking in making me believe i'm enjoying it more (which is fine by me then haha) For most cars you are right, Car speakers taken from generic Speaker maker XYZ and stuff... but on the higher end luxury cars now with their superb external noise isolation and speaker design with whopping power. it actually sounds great imo at least. the BMW 8 Series gran coupe with the 1500w Bowers & WIlkin set up/ S class w/ 1800w Burmester or even the cheaper Mazda 3 with Bose sounds great (not as good as an actual studio though) [last i tested these cars was using a USB Removable device with music stored in] but for the most part yeah you're right.
  3. Ooh Really? damn. I was told that it was lossless PCM by people irl and google forums. good to know, thanks for the info max
  4. Actually i don't need to post it.... its exactly the same.... (with same music with 96khz Output) yet Dragonfly is reporting the 96kHz output. I suspect it has to do with UAPP bypassing android mixer completely with its own custom USB/Wireless driver (the point of getting UAPP). Though isn't this also what the experimental Hi-Res Output in Poweramp should also do in theory?
  5. Check below, Output devices is marked empty. so the 96khz stream is reaching nowhere i think. the USB device is slotted into AudioOut_1D which is 48khz. I think its like that
  6. I see mentions of the 96khz Audio but it seems that android is assigned "AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_USB_HEADSET" to a 48khz stream. not the 96khz one as per Poweramp...
  7. Okay, Here's the updated Debug Log via Wireless ADB and music continuously playing through the USB-C Dragonfly DAC. @John Titor Debug.txt
  8. standby, also will do, Good advice. this is the first time debugging for me haha
  9. oh lol thats because I was using USB debugging and Dragonfly is a USB device so it wasn't connected. holy fuck now that i realize this is an absolute retard moment for me. let me pull up the flinger via Wireless ADB... once i figure out how to make it work
  10. when i first used AA, i thought that as well but from my experience (with the new Mazda's Bose and BMW's Harman Kardon w/ iDrive 7) i think it actually routes through the USB and/or WIFI-Direct (For Wireless Android auto) considering that in both cars, the BT is registered to only be used for telephony with music audio disconnected when AA is connected. and i can definitely hear the difference with AA vs BT. Though question is, is does Poweramp stream hi res to AA or is it stuck with the standard 16/44.1khz mode?
  11. Hey ho! Quick question to the community. Does Poweramp v3 Output Hi-Res via Android Auto to the car's headunit/audio system? or is it just at CD quality?
  12. Ah I'm sorry, It was not my intention to be rude or anything, if it was passed that way i'm truly sorry. Social skills isn't one of my strong point hahaha. alright thanks for the heads up though. yeah its expensive kit though from looking around it seems that people are saying that android OS just hijacks audio streams and puts it through its 48khz mixer unless you use apps that have specific drivers that support DIRECT. though i'm not an expert in this matter haha
  13. This is the adb dump for audio flinger. All my music apps (Spotify, Tidal and Poweramp) displays 48khz on dragonfly (and i persume android auto as well) despite Poweramp reporting 96khz (example). only UAPP seems to bypass this issue all together.
  14. [Debug Log Removed due to it being done wrong and also wasting space. Updated new debug log at the bottom via txt file] @maxmp@John Titor
  15. Dragonfly color is still reporting 48kHz after restart as well (and no other application running) though Poweramp still reports as 96kHz being pushed. Its like the android mixer system is still intercepting Poweramp's audio at the end.
  16. Poweramp reports that it is sending 96khz but Dragonfly only registers it as 48khz so i assume that Poweramp hasn't bypassed android's built in mixer.
  17. Poweramp Build 883-893 Oneplus 8 Pro (OxygenOS11 Latest stable) Hey, When i tested the hi res output of 96khz/24 to my Dragonfly cobalt via USB Audio, the Dragonfly only registered 48Khz despite Power-amp saying that its delivering 96Khz audio (this was tested with UAPP uninstalled). When tested using UAPP, the Dragonfly registered 96khz. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
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