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  1. Thanks for your response Andrew! I thought I had read a few times that hi-res 3.5mm wasn't working since the last OS update (or something like that). I've read too much and now I feel like I don't know anything at all. I reset all output settings to default in Poweramp. Here's another screenshot. It looks like the SW resampler is causing the 48kHz output but I can't tell why it's on 16bit. I had my Shure headphones plugged in when I took the screenshot.
  2. I tried hard to figure this out on my own. I think I'm more confused now than I was before spending hours and hours reading up on this. I have 24/96 FLAC files on my Galaxy S10 SM-G973U. Poweramp full v841 installed. Android v9 and One UI v1.1. I have tried every combo of DVC on/off, Atmos on/off etc. I still can't see any combination that gives me anything more than 16/48 on the output info screen. At the moment DVC is off, OpenSL is off, Atmos is off. I have tried changing the various hi-res output options but bit rate is never selectable. I can select 96kHz but I never seem to get that on the output info. I have Sony MDR-XB50BS bluetooth earbuds I listen on often. I understand that hi-res via 3.5mm output is not allowed by Samsung at the moment. Would a USB to 3.5mm adapter help with that? Apologies for the newb questions. I've been doing recording and A/V installation for 15 years and this process has made me feel completely inept and useless. I sure would love to listen to these files in their full glory. A million thank you's for any help you can provide! I hope these screenshots are viewable.
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