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  1. finally solved it! It was related to an other app "playing" parallel to Poweramp for scrobbling to lastfm. Thanks @andrewilley so much for your Input. Made me think twice about possibly related actions/apps by playing Music out of Poweramp. Thread can be closed
  2. Hey, thanks for your response. Unfortunately your good advice dealing with the pulldown-menue didn't change anything. I am still into this problem. and yeah maybe it is not a Poweramp issue at all
  3. Hi Community, been searchin' for a while and couldn't find anything related, so i started a thread for it. If there were reglements violated by me pls go easy on me and tell me how it goes right. Thanks in advance. Back 2 Topic: I am experiencing issues with an upcoming notification sound when starting the first song in Poweramp and when skipping to the next one in queue too. Normally i don't have my phone "loud" because of using a smartwatch. But now as i do i get the same sound as for an incoming message f.e. when trying to hear my songs with Poweramp. But only at the beginning of the song. I have unchecked the boxes at settings/Headset & Bluetooth/Beep and .../Vibrate too but doesn't seem to have any effect. I have no idea what else i can do or where to tweak this. For me it has something to do with Poweramp and its settings. Does anybody have a clue? I hope someone had same issue and helps me solving it. Thank you in advance. PS: Using Poweramp v3-build-841-arm64-play Full Version and Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) with latest Android 9. No Root or Custom ROM
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